Friday, September 29, 2006

RAVE: Music

I'm a savage, savage beast. Like any good savage caveman beast, few things soothe me like the sweet sound of music (or a blowjob, I love those too). Since it's been a grip since I last posted, I thought I'd share some of the sounds that make me in lieu of some kind of heartfelt life update or an apology for not sharing my wisdom with you, dear reader, for almost a month.

So clean your glasses and expand your mind with the eclectic sounds that soothe the savage, savage caveman.

Glory Pit: They're local, they're talented, and I always have a good time at their shows. The Glory Pit delves deep into the realms of slam rock, work rock, the guitar solo, human resources/recruiting, and the paintings of John Constable. Dig around enough on their site and you might even find a few pictures of me at shows (in addition to some good frikkin music). These folks co-hold the dubious distinction of being the only musicicans to make me cry this year, along with Kelly Clarkson. (If you find yourself wondering why Kelly Clarkson makes me cry, click here.)

Outkast: There's just something about rappers having fun that makes me smile. If you don't own Idlewild yet, go get it now. It's like Speakerboxxx/The Love Below smushed into one disc, and Big Boi's stuff is better this go-round. Someday, I'm going to swingdance to "When I Look In Your Eyes."

Anarchy Club: Yes, I know they were on Guitar Hero. No, I had never heard of them before Guitar Hero, but that's because I don't live anywhere near Boston. If I lived near Boston, I'd be at an Anarchy Club show right fucking now. They're that good.

The Bags: Okay, so it's another band from Guitar Hero. What can I say? Penner's been playing the game again in anticipation of the sequel (which is available for preorder from your friendly local game shoppe). I remember being at Slander's place and using his hard-earned credits to purchase "Caveman Rejoice!" from the list of unlockable songs. The song rocked so hard that I evolved. Sure, I was a savage before, but I became the savage caveman you all know and love (arguably, I was a caveman long before I heard the song for the first time, but the story is cooler if I evolve like some over-levelled pokemon). AC/DC solos meet Bad Religion/Cro-mags vocals, and that makes the caveman happy. How can a band this fucking cool not be mindblowingly famous? There's just no goddamned justice in the world.

The Coup: Google 'em. Boots Riley is one of the most stepped-over rappers in the game right now. He's got politics, flow, skills, and an ear for beats. "My Favorite Mutiny" has been rocking my player since March and I'm still not tired of. Don't ever let they punk asses ever defeat you. They got us on the corner wearing pleather and see-through. All y'all's goldmines. They wanna deplete you.

Tori Amos: Even the most savage of cavemen can't be angry all the time. Sometimes he has to calm the fuck down and listen to some Tori. She genius creativity unbounded by earthly matters (or the ability to make sense half the time), but her voice is balm on my weary muscles after a long day of babysitting too many trainees (and trainers and team managers and clients and other folks you don't care about). So long as the caveman can listen to Tori, all remains well.

So yeah, my playlists are eclectic. You probably already knew that (or had at least guessed by now). Sometimes, the music is all that keeps me sane. It's gotten me through the shittiest times in my life, and it's still with me now that things're going well. Talented people making noise makes the caveman smile. So does sleep, so g'night.