Wednesday, September 12, 2007

RANT: My Culture Doesn't Always Win

I feel sorry for the earth's population,
because so few live in the USA.
At least the foreigners can copy our morality.
They can visit but they cannot stay.
'Cause only precious few can garner the prosperity.
It makes us walk with renewed confidence.
We've got a place to go when we die,
and the architect resides right here.

We've got the American Jesus,
overwhelming millions everyday.

Yup, it's another 9-11 blog. I'm sure you're sick of them by now. I'm sure you've been told a million times in the past six years about how 2974 people died during or as a direct result of the single largest terrorist attack on American soil since Woodstock. I figure if you've read this far that you're hoping I'll say or do something different.

Friends, I intend to deliver on those hopes. Instead of highlighting the tragedy and the loss of life or tooting the horn of my favorite political candidate (Cheney/Cthulu in '08 - why vote for the lesser evil?) I want to preach a message of peace and tolerance in a sea of "Never forgets" and "God Bless the USA"'s.

You see, the United States of America is the greatest country in the world. We enjoy a strength of diversity not found anywhere else in the world. Even living in Kansas, I can bask in the joys of a cultural melting pot - with nationalities, ideas, and ideaologies so varied even I can't keep 'em all straight. I can get that same level of culture and variegated ideals pretty much anywhere I go - 'cause the only culture truly indigenous to this mass of land we all walk on are the Native Americans.

Say what you will about how our freedoms have diminished since the attacks, but remember that is some places in the world you'd be executed for voicing those opinions. Harp on the tragedy of the attacks, but remember that is some countries incidents like this are practically commonplace. Just remember that, for the most part, those people that are different from you are Americans as well. Hate the folks that commit acts of terror, not the culture or country they come from.

America! Fuck yeah!

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