Sunday, November 18, 2007

RANT: LiveUrinal

Dear readers,

A long time ago I made myself a promise that I wouldn't use this blog as a place to talk about my day, what I ate, or how my home life is going. I vowed that even anecdotal bits I posted here would have some kind of social context. I swore that I would never piss away somebody's bandwidth with tripe that you either didn't really care about or probably shouldn't be reading anyway.

I've upheld that promise, but the temptation has been strong. I've been told that airing one's feelings to the masses and droning on and on about one's day slakes some folks' morbid curiosity. I've been told that it's harmless exhibitionism, and that nobody gets hurt. It has been hard not to succumb to the evils of online journaling. So tempting that I've given up the fight.

Have no fear, gentle reader, as I've given in by getting myself a LiveJournal account. Random crap about me, my car, and the meals I have each day will be restricted to that particular no-fly zone. No, I won't link to it from here (or from my MySpace). No, I won't cross-post things. But yes, I will occasionally post random daily drivel there to get it off my chest.

It's catharsis. It's liberating. It's drivel. And, yes, on some level it's sad. So why do it? The only answer I can muster is that sometimes chronicling our days and our feelings can help us remember them better. The reverie of recounting the annals of one's day (up to and including what tasty things we had for lunch) revitalizes us and provides encouragement.

It also helps me keep this place free for important stuff, like advice on hooking up and how to seek male empowerment at your local Hooters.


-The Caveman

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