Thursday, June 30, 2011

RAVE: The Original Pitches

Guess which one the group went for...

***In Her Majesty's Secret Service***

For years the elder Ghaele of Winter kept the surrounding lands in as much order as a fey ruler could. Peace was uneasy, but it was indeed peace. Now the Ghaele is dead and all hope for continuity of order rests with his young daughter, now the Ghaele herself. Vested with all the powers of fey winter, the young monarch is powerful, yet naive. The machinations of her court draw her attention from proper rulership and threaten to tear the land apart with unrest - or worse, weaken them enough that threats from without could rise again.

To drive her court to distraction, the young Ghaele petitions each surrounding settlement to send their heroes to her court, that they may serve as heralds for her new order. The myriad members of the Court of Winter have their own ideas, but the question of renaissance or ruin will ultimately be answered by those that heed the Ghaele's call.

Themes: Court, Intrigue, Arthurian Questing, Politics, King(Queen)-making
Characters: Any, the surrounding lands a deliberately vague. You'll get to define your homeland and assist with cooperative world-building.

***Larry Mason and the Warlock's Rock***

Boarpimple's School for Young Arcane Adventurers has a long-lasting legacy of producing some of the finest adventurers the world has ever known (mostly wizards, but we're integrated now). From the beginning, nascent doers of heroic deeds are trained, tested, trained some more, tested some more, and driven to the dual brinks of insanity and exhaustion - all to have their level best wrenched from them and presented on the shiniest plates of success.

You'll assume the role of first-year student adventurers and have, well, adventures. All the while learning the proper ways to adventure adventurously. You'll fight battles, attend classes, play games, make friends, interact with a staff of instructors beyond reproach (even the evil ones), make enemies and rivals (or be assigned them, if you are found lacking in this ever-so-important aspect of adventuring life), and eventually get caught up in a healthy dose of world-saving (but not until at least second semester, as World-Saving is an advanced course).

Themes: Learning to Play, Dry British Humor, School Uniforms, Not taking ourselves too seriously, Quiddich (or sports that aren't copyrighted).
Characters: At least one person will have to be an Arcane hero (destiny not included). Everyone else can either be an arcane peer or part of the entourage of "colorful integrated students" that are most assuredly not considered second-class citizens. An "All Wizard" party will spend a lot of time getting killed, so we won't be doing that.

***To Go Boldly***

Generations ago, life was what more folks would call normal. Somewhere in a far-away kingdom, the seeds of destruction were sown and the heroes of the age were unable to stop the harvest. Life as everyone knew it ended in fire, cataclysm, and the opening of seals never meant to be tampered with. But that was a long time ago, and life in the underground city of Leifheim has continued on normally since then.

Constructed by one of the last bygone heroes, Leif the Sequestering, Leifheim has all the amenities of a surface city and none of the apocalyptic dangers that lurk beyond its vaulted locks. Magical lights on the domed ceiling indicate night and day, a steady diet of indigenous fungi keeps everyone healthy, and the traditions of the ancient heroes survive mostly intact - as if a concerted effort was made to gather those traditions under one roof.

Unfortunately, the lights have started flickering and the elders believe that the enchantments keeping the outside world outside where it should be are failing. Rather than wait for the bubble to burst, they summon those with great potential to go out into the world and find out if the worst has passed. These brave souls are handed the chance to explore new spaces, get into fistfights with new civilizations, and go boldly where folks have likely been before.

Themes: Exploration, Sandbox Gaming, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy, Survival, Think "Heavy Metal" meets "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" and you're tracking.
Character: Hale and Hearty Heroes that have (no kidding), lived their entire lives under a rock in the middle of nowhere (that means you can pretty much play anything)

***Bleak Iron***

The Library of Bleak Iron houses great knowledge and is sacred to its patron, the god Asmodeus. Housed in the library are tomes and rituals of great power - but also secrets best left buried in the moulded stacks. One such book draws the attention of the party - a tome containing a secret so dire that it could drive the most evil of men to heroic action.

Blinded by ambition and desire for power, the party follows the tome to the tomb of the forgotten exarch, where their entire world changes forever. Exposure to the last remnants of Amoth, slain god of Light and Good, awakens consciences long-repressed. Knowledge of Good and Evil can be a dangerous thing - especially when your home is in the Nine Hells.

Themes: Evil, Redemption, Scholarship, Heresy, more Redemption, some Intrigue, Morality
Characters: Everyone starts out evil, but will they (can they?) stay that way?